Breaking the Cycle
Few things are as distressing as chronic pain. It saps your energy and takes an emotional toll. Over time, pain can become a vicious cycle with a life of its own. The good news is, therapeutic massage is a simple, effective and readily available support measure for dealing with chronic pain.

Understanding the pain cycle
The pain cycle is a complex chain of events which reinforce each other. It can begin with injury, illness or even stress, creating a self-perpetuating cycle.

Muscle tension
Muscle tension from stress, repetitive activity or overuse can be painful. Tense muscles are prone to injury, adding to the problem. Worse muscles automatically contract around any painful site to support and protect the area. If your original pain is not resolved, muscles may become habitually contracted. In this way, painful muscle tension can spread, even pressing on nerves to cause tingling, numbness and more pain in new areas.

Reduced circulation
Like a sponge that is squeezed, a contracted muscle can?t hold much fluid. This means tight muscles suffer from reduced circulation. Irritating waste products can accumulate, leaving you feeling fatigued and sore. Over time, areas with poor circulation from trigger points in both muscles and their connective tissue coverings, called fascia. Trigger points are highly irritable spots that can refer pain elsewhere in the body. For example, a trigger point in your hip can cause pain down your leg. As muscles tense around referred pain, the cycle spreads.

Restricted movement
Pain and muscle tension can make even simple actions difficult and tiring. This impairs your ability to exercise-your most important means for maintaining mobility and good circulation throughout your body. Eventually, contracted muscles and fascia can develop areas called adhesions, where tissues adhere to each other, further restricting movement and contributing to your pain.

Breaking the cycle
Massage can break the cycle of pain with its ability to address most of the pain cycle elements.

  • Massage relieves muscle tension, stretching and kneading tight muscles and calming nervous system.
  • When muscles relax, pressure on nerves is reduced, relieving related pain in distant sites.
  • As massage relaxes the nervous system, blood vessels dilate to increase circulation. Irritating waste products are flushed away and replace with healing oxygen and nutrients.
  • Specific massage techniques release trigger points. Muscle stretching and improved circulation from massage can prevent their return.
  • Certain techniques increase the pliability of adhesions. Along with reduced muscle tension, this helps prevent new injuries.
  • Other massage techniques work to improve range of motion in specific areas, further helping to restore normal movement.

Taken together, the many benefits of massage, especially regular massage, can renew your energy and optimism. You may find yourself motivated to move and exercise, helping you maintain the improvements you have made.

THAI YOGA MASSAGE is performed on a mat or table in loose and comfortable clothing. It combines massage with deep stretching and is excellent for relieving muscular tension. In receiving Thai Yoga Massage one is also receiving the benefits of the practice of Yoga. This technique has been describe as assisted Hatha Yoga. A Thai Yoga Massage also incorporates martial arts moves, rhythmic motion, palming, and thumbing along energy lines, gentle stretching and breath work, creating a slow flowing dance around and with the recipients body. In addition to stretching and toning the muscles, Thai Yoga Massage improves circulation, relieves muscular tension and spasm, helps expedite metabolism, boosts the immune system, and balances the body energetically, inducing a calm mental state. This practice provides the recipient with both a physical and energetic massage.

CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY is a light touch therapy. It releases restrictions deep within the body. By accessing and freeing the central nervous system, Cranio Sacral Therapy allows the body to relax so that the body?s natural healing processes can take over.

The cranio sacral system comprises the bones of the cranium , the brain, the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain, the spinal cord and the sacrum, Cerebrospinal fluid circulates throughout the system to protect and nourish the brain and the nerves of the spinal cord. This fluid enclosed in connective tissue generates a rhythm or wave that can be palpated throughout the body by the cranio sacral therapist. By palpating with a light touch. The craniosacral therapist can determine areas of restriction. Using a very light touch and light pressure to gently manipulate these areas of restriction, he or she can balance cranial rhythm or wave in the central nervous system and throughout the entire body. This enhances the natural healing capacities of the body.

Cranio Sacral therapy helps with a variety of conditions such as Migraine headaches. Neck and Back pain. Anxiety and Depression, Stress and Tension , TMJ syndrome , ADD and ADHD. Chronic fatigue, Autism.

LA STONE THERAPY  is a new alternative to a traditional Swedish Massage. It?s an application of thermotherapy using smooth, deep pressured heated volcanic lava basalt stones. The energies of the stones create a slow warming deep massage. Making the client feel recharged when the treatment is over. The stones temperatures are between 120 and 140 degrees . Which helps the client to enter a deeper dimension of relaxation.
Due to the temperatures of the stones, there is an exchange of blood, lymph and digestive fluids in the body with causes a rapid, changing increase in blood circulation.
Benefits of La Stone Massage: reduced muscle tension and scar tissue, relief from pain, improved posture, increased joint mobility and range of motion. It is important to drink plenty of water after your Stone massage session, due to the effect of the stones on your overall body temperature.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Massage Therapy:

  • Reduce Stress Tension
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Increase Endorphins (your body?s natural pain killers)
  • Assist in recovery from sports activities and injuries
  • Alleviate plantar faciatis
  • Alleviate tennis elbow
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Improve circulation problems
  • Alleviate Chronic and temporary Pain
  • Relax muscle spasms
  • Massage dilates blood vessels and relieves congestion throughout the body
  • Massage acts as a cleansing, stimulating lymph circulation and helps with the elimination of toxins
  • Massage encourages the retention of nitrogen, phosphorous, and sulfur, necessary for tissue repair in people who suffer from Bone Fractures